Jalvardhini Pratishthan is a registered Voluntary organization based at Mumbai, started its operation in early 2003. With a clear intention of supporting rural and Tribal population in Rain water harvesting and management.

After exploring avenues in rural and tribal Maharashtra, we found that the areas where there is immense waterfall, but still during off season farmer has to strive for irrigation due to shortage of water availability.

Understanding all these scenarios, we found that the rain water which falls was not canalized, resulting the whole rain water is drained and wasted.

Jalvardhini found that even if the running gutters in monsoon are blocked by a simple check dams which can even be made by gunny bags or loose stones, helps the water percolation and increases the level of under ground water table, resulting enhancing capacity of open wells and bore wells in the vicinity.

Hence Jalvardhini focuses on, Agricultural Development by enhancing the water Resources. & developed various low cost rain water storage tanks and methodologies for rain water management.

Jalvardhini provides Technical assistance and Resources to needy people who understand the importance of Rain water harvesting and are willing to implement.

Trustees :
  1. Mr.Ulhas Paranjpe
  2. Mr.Avinash Paranjpe
  3. Mrs.Uttara Paranjpe